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Basic Trim Painting Tips from Toronto Painters

Repainting the old and dirty moldings in your home can have great results for your home. It can be surprising how a bit of touch up can do wonders in increasing the beauty of your home without having to spend too much money. Using some basic trim painting tips, you can even do the work like a professional house painter.

Sanding is Important
Although it can be very tiring and time consuming, you must never skip sanding all your moldings. Make sure to smoothen all the rough spots using sandpaper. If your moldings are already smooth, you still have to sand it at least once using 120-grit sandpaper material. If your moldings are a bit rough, you should use 80-grit sandpaper. You can also use 100-grit for areas that have layered paint. This will ensure that they are properly smoothen and blended. Prefer no-load sandpaper so you do not have to deal with clogging and achieve better painting surfaces.

Filling of Holes
Before you can start with the painting proper you should make sure that spackling compound is used to fill in holes. Some holes may require a second fill if they are too deep. You must make sure first that the first fill has completely dried up. Repairing larger gouges or dents on edges that can be susceptible to abuse requires the use of hardening wood filler. You can use a strong light to check for depressions on the woodwork. This is also a good way to ensure that you have not missed anything before you start painting. You have to sand the entire area again to smooth it out once the filler has dried. This will ensure that you can do a good painting job like Toronto painters.

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