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Why Should I Consider Reupholstery?

If you have a piece of furniture which you feel has seen better days then before you throw it to landfill maybe have a think about having it professionally reupholstered.

Not only would you be supporting a genuine British craft performed by professional craftsmen but you will also be saving yourself around half the cost of buying new. Re-upholstery offers an excellent way to save money and to make your furniture look like brand new again.

Take sofa upholstery for instance, you can change a leather suite into a fabric one or vice versa. You can choose from a massive range of fabrics which include all colours, patterns, styles and textures to truly make a piece unique. You could take the opportunity to totally revamp your living room and have your sofa reupholstered to perfectly complement your new design. The possibilities are endless.

A professional upholstery service will strip back your furniture or sofa to its original wooden frame in order to inspect it. Here any joints will be tightened and any repairs made. Cushions will be inspected and replaced if necessary before the sofa or chair is reupholstered in your choice of fabric. A professional reupholstery firm will normally visit you at home to discuss your ideas and needs and also to help you choose the perfect fabric for your brand new look.

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