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Tips for Water Heater Installation in Murrieta CA

The process of water heater installation Murrieta CA area may involve a skill in cutting copper tubing, soldering, and connecting electrical wiring. There are a number of techniques that will save time and money in future repairs. The use of a tubing cutter, concrete blocks, and union fittings can save your valuable time on repairs.

Tubing Cutter
Use a tubing cutter, rather than a saw, so that the cuts are clean and exact. When you cut copper tubes using a handsaw, it will leave marks on the tube that will make it harder to solder the fittings in a firm manner. You have to solder fittings in completely with flux coming in from all spaces so that these items will hold out to the water pressure of the water heater.

Setting your water heater base on blocks can avoid problems in the future. Put three concrete blocks on top of the floor, and then place the water heater on top of these blocks. If the water heater will leak at one point in the future because of wear or excessive pressure, the water will run out through the pressure relief and temperature valve and down to the floor. If not addressed quickly, the water will rust the bottom of the water heater and damage it. The blocks avoid the water heater from being in contact with excess water and offers height from the floor, so that it is easier to drain.

Union Fittings
The inclusion of union fittings to the cold and hot water sides of the water heater allows a homeowner to easily remove the tank in the future if it requires a replacement. The union fittings allow easy unscrewing to remove the tank, rather than cutting the tubing and replace it.

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