Benefits of Formula Feeding

Over the last few years, there has been a huge debate over the benefits of breastfeeding versus formula feeding. While breastfeeding is a healthier option, it is less socially acceptable in the current society and time-consuming. Therefore, there has been a trend change, whereby many people prefer formula feeding to breastfeeding. Some of the key benefits of formula feeding will be presented below.

Bottle feeding is easier in public
Most mothers have complained of getting disapproving looks when breastfeeding in public. This implies that breastfeeding in public is quite challenging. Bottle feeding on the other hand, is much easier and less embarrassing. A mother does not have to worry much while formula feeding a baby in public.

Formula feeding is less time-consuming
Formula feeding takes between 10 to 15 minutes while breastfeeding can take up to 20 to 30 minutes. This clearly shows that the time taken to breastfeed her baby is twice as long as that taken to formula-feed a baby. The situation can be worse for newborns that tend to feed every two to four hours. Therefore, for mothers who do not have a lot of free time, formula feeding is the best option. My Health Shop- baby formula Australia offers a wide range of formulas for babies with specific nutritional needs.

The baby can be fed by any person
Formula feeding a baby can be done by any person. This is unlike breastfeeding, where the only one who can feed the baby is the mother. Therefore, formula feeding can serve as a means of involving the father in the babys feeding responsibility. Formula feeding can also be done by a babysitter, siblings, grandparents, and many more. It is thus evident that formula feeding is more convenient compared to breastfeeding.

It is easier to measure the amount of food the baby consumes
Many breastfeeding mothers are always concerned whether their babies are getting sufficient food. This is because it is impossible to measure the food intake. On the contrary, the mother can know the amount of food eaten by the baby when formula feeding. Baby formula Australia gives mothers a chance to choose the best formula types for their babies. With bottle feeding, a mother can easily know the amount of food that is sufficient enough for the babys growth.

Formula-fed babies do not need to eat frequently
Formula-fed babies are known to eat only once in 3 to 4 hours depending on the individual babys caloric intake and other needs. This is in contrast to breast-fed babies who need to eat at an interval of two hours. Formula contains a protein that keeps the baby satisfied and full for longer.

Mothers do not have to be cautious of what they consume
In conclusion, mothers who are formula-feeding their babies can eat anything they wish and even take any medicine. Additionally, they can take a few alcoholic drinks without the fear of harming the baby. A breast-feeding mother on the other hand, has to be cautious of what she consumers. Caffeine and alcohol are examples of what to avoid because of their potentiality to harm the baby.

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