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Spinal Pain Mapping With Anthony Mork

Back pain could be among the most excruciating and inconvenient conditions which you could experience. The pain is especially common among older persons as the strain which they have accumulated within their backs finally let go. Numerous persons tend to avoid treatment of their back, especially if the cause of pain is their spine. This is because conventional surgery is often risky, and one could lose the entire working of their spine. However, thanks to Anthony Mork, this is no longer the scenario. He has helped in introducing endoscopic spinal procedures, which are ideal in treating spinal issues while minimizing the risk involved. The doctor looks into various methods which let him accurately identify the issue with someone’s back.

One of these methods is spinal pain mapping. This technique lets the doctor identify the particular structure that is bringing about the patient’s spinal pain. The method basically involves inserting tiny needles into a person’s neck; into the sides of their necks, specifically. These needles work by injecting a small portion of dye into the patient’s disc. This dye creates pressure that mimics the back pain or the neck pain. It helps to determine the source of one’s pain and where the surgery ought to be performed.

The fundamental idea behind spinal pain mapping is to reduce or to increase the pain one experiences in order to determine the root cause. This technique has five chief forms. They include: spinous processes, facet blocks, selective nerve root, provocative discogram and sacroillac. With facet blocking, for instance, the doctor inserts Novocain into the patient’s facet joint to block the pain temporarily. If this proves successful, the doctor will conclude that the facet joint is the chief cause of the patient’s back pain. Anthony Mork says the other techniques all follow similar patterns; they either increase pain or reduce it to find out the real cause of the patient’s pain.

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