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Good Vs. Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a wax-like fatty substance that human body needs for ensuring the proper functioning. But, too much of anything is good for nothing, isn’t? So, they should be consumed in proper quantities for ensuring a healthy weight loss. Generally, the body can get cholesterol from two different sources. One source is our own body that can produce some of them, while others can be obtained from the foods we eat. They are present in huge quantities in foods like dairy products, meat and eggs.

Like fats, cholesterol is also classified into good and bad and of them HDL is the good one and LDL is the bad cholesterol that is not healthier for our body. The key for healthy weight loss is to reduce the level of LDL and increase the level of HDL. This is because when the HDL becomes lower, there are chances of cardiovascular risk and the same rule is applicable in reverse form for LDL. If LDL level increases, the risk of heart diseases will increase.

If you are already obese, enrolling in healthy diet plans can reduce the risk of increase of LDL and lowering of HDL. This is because plans like nutri system offer calculated level of these cholesterols in such a way that the registrants can get the right kind of weight loss benefits. So, selection of the right diet plans is the key for successful and healthy weight loss without any risk of heart diseases.

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