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Exotic vacations in Fiji

If you plan to go on a vacation and want something a bit different, you can choose vacations in Fiji as they offer all excitement. Many people will probably ask why Fiji. Fiji islands have any things to offer from crystal clean waters to exquisite cuisine and spots to practice different sports. It is well known for the beauty of views you can see here and multitude of attractions that this country can offer.

If you loved the movie Blue Lagoon, you must know that the movie was filmed on the Fijian island called Turtle Island. Fiji can offer the most beautiful views in the world. His crystal clear waters are the best for scuba diving and learning about different ocean creatures. The tropical climate it is also good for other water sports like surfing. The hills and mountains in the Fiji islands can offer the best spot for trekking or mountain biking. In the hotels across the islands you can try local Fijian food and a mixture of European and Asian food. If you want to try the local food, you must try Lovo. It is considered as a delicacy and is prepared for special occasions like weddings and festivals. You can also try kokodo, which is another national delicacy. Across the islands are many restaurants that combine local food and other international recipes in a unique way. The islands also offer natural attractions like the beaches, national parks and monuments.

If you are planning to go on an extraordinary vacation and want to choose an unusual place then Fiji islands is the place to go. You will see a piece of paradise and probably want to come back again and again. The beauty of this place, the food, numerous attractions and the culture of the Fiji islands make this an ideal place for vacations. A visit to Fiji is always memorable.

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