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Always Keep People Posted When Working From Home

One of the major challenges when you have employees work from home is the assurance that one is actually working and not just slacking around. Employees should always keep the office posted on when they are not around, may you have gone to the bank or the post office. This enhances the relationship between the two parties. One way to do this is to use instant messaging software that let people know when you are available and when you are not. Availability does not apply to workmates only but also to family members who feel entitled to come to you any minute become you are available. Boundaries should be set and respected. Without boundaries work will be practically impossible. When working from home letting people know when and what you are working on goes along way. This is because most jobs are done in groups and duplication of resources by doing the same work should be avoided. Keeping people posted makes supervision and project progress much easier to do than when one has to request for the information. Other tools that can facilitate this would be smart phones that enable you to receive emails and other messages when out of the office.

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