The Concept Of Working From Home

With the advent of technology, the way people work has evolved over time. In todays world not all work related activities requires your physical presence in the office. Working from home has caught up with us. It is a very interesting prospect not to mention the added perks it comes like not enduring the morning traffic or moving away from the office politics. Most of the work absorbed in working from home involves clerical duties and consultation. In essence it can only apply to those who give a service, mainly consulting since the client is more interested in the knowledge not the physical presence. Many companies are buying into this idea. All they need is telecommunication equipment and software. It is quite convenient for them since work is sent through the network and saves on office space needed for one to do the job and numerous office supplies. To work from home, however is not all a bed of roses. One has to manager time well and balances well between working time and family/personal time. Discipline comes in in handy in meeting deadlines and remaining productive. Given the circumstances and the comfort a nap can result to sharp decrease in productivity of an individual let alone becoming the default working mode.

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