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Avoid These Top Three Exterior House Painting Mistakes

While many people choose to hire a professional painting contractor for their spring home renovation projects, there are some who will choose to do it yourself. While you would need a certain level of experience to take on an exterior painting project, it can certainly be done if you have the motivation and time. However there are certainly common mistakes that can are made, and these can be easily avoided. Read on to learn more about how you can avoid disaster or at least extra work during your next do-it-yourself exterior painting project.

1.Scrape and prep: Many, many home owners totally forget the essential step of scraping existing paint off the surface of the exterior which allows the new coat of paint to be applied properly. This is the most labour-intensive part of exterior painting and the number one reason why many choose to hire a team of house painters. Additionally, once the paint has been manually removed, any excess residue should also be washed off ideally with a pressure washer as they are the most efficient solutions.
2.Choose your paint carefully: So many homeowners simply buy what fits their budget, which can be catastrophic and cause lots of extra work. While exterior painting rarely requires a primer, investing in a quality acrylic paint will make a ton of extra work totally unnecessary.

3.Fill cracks: Another variable many do-it-yourself painters overlook is the time and effort it can take to smooth out the surface by filling cracks and surface impurities. This is another key to a successful exterior painting job as it will allow the paint and finish to take much more smoothly. This is another time consuming task that a professional painter can accomplish in a fraction of the time, however if time and effort are not an issue, then this is not an issue.

These are some of the most common issues faced by those taking on their exterior house painting projects be sure to address them, and you will certainly avoid a time consuming mess!

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