Complete Information On Large File Transfer

Transferring a small sized video file via internet is no big issue nowadays. You can use any of web hosting websites which provides free limited storage space for the users. Only thing is that you have to register in that site and then you can start uploading the documents. Most of these websites provide you up to 150 mb of space which can utilize for uploading. But this is not happening for even larger documents.

Most of you working at offices send some documents from one computer to another. If you are in a same branch then you can send any size of files using networking software. But sometimes it happens that there are many branches of your office across the country and you need to send these files on any one of the branches. You can use them as e-mail attachments and send them but the problem arises if you need to send a bigger file and most of the documents send through the companies are bigger files which cannot be send through e- mails. Now you can use FTP i.e. File Transfer Protocol service through which you can send large documents over the internet.

You should have FTP service at your place and the receiver’s place to make this happen. With the help of FTP you can send any number of files and file size of any limit over the internet without having to worry about file size limit. For more help you can also search large file transfer free at

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