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Tucumn Argentina Vacations

Turcoman is the most important commercial industrial and cultural center in the Argentina travel it is one of the famous city of Argentina. San Miguel de Tacuman is the capital of the province. The region possesses a varied geography from the high mountain ranges plains, forests and desert areas for the sum of the kilometer areas there are beautiful places that take attractions of tourists. San Miguel of Tocuman is the heart of the Tocuman it is the most important industrial and cultural center in the northwest of Argentina. Along with its geography it has suitable geography for practice different sports like fishing trekking, polo, hunting, canoeing. And many more.

Tourism and Attractive Places:
Apart from the civilization and development of the city there are many historical Costa Rica places in this beautiful city if you have a plan or a tour of this beautiful city then you should visit all these famous and historical places. Here are some of the famous places.

Sub Javior Village:
It is located 20 kilometers from Tacuman The hill San Javior is situated 1.220 above from the sea level if offered one of the most fantastic views of the forest of Tucuman.

The Gulch of Lules:
It is located a few kilometers from San Miguel it offers a beautiful landscape composed of many high summits valleys and cascades.

San Jose de Lules:
It is one of the famous towns of the city in this place the ruins of the church of San Jose de rules are located this church constitutes a clear territory of the colonization.

EI Moller:
It is a serene summer village it is possible to find the Duke La Angostura where you can practice different water sports and fishing.

Amaicha Del Valle:
It is the only famous community of the province It is well known because it is said that it has the best climate in the world. In this community the traditional party of the Pachamama is carried out. Some Costa Rica Resorts places of the interest are visiting the ruins of Quilmas.

Other Attractive Places:
1- Provincial Museum
2- Cordially Dake
3- Julio Park
4- Historical Museum
5- Independence House
6- Institute Lille Museum
7- Nougues Villlage.
8- Museum of Anthropology.

Of all these it is one of the famous historical city the best time to get there is in the summer season when the season and the climate is better.

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