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Ice Rink Rental for Affordable Fun

Ice rinks and chillers can be hired for all occasions and applications and they have become surprisingly popular over the last few years. Chiller Hire can be found in many industries including the food industry, chemical industry and even for cooling large server rooms to protect delicate equipment. Chiller hire can also be found at use with ice rinks whether they are permanent fixtures or seasonal temporary ones.

Ice Rink rental makes a great choice for many different events. An ice rink is a great way of entertaining families and friends for a special occasion, they can be hired for a corporate event or for an employee team building day. There are so many uses for a temporary ice rink and they can prove to cost a lot less money than you might think. Ice rink rental also makes a superb choice for a PR event or for sponsorship as it is stylish and different and will certainly get your company noticed. Temporary ice rinks can be assembled almost anywhere and can be done on almost any budget. They can be used privately for fun with colleagues or your local school etc or you can hire one to hold a public event.

Ice rink rental comes with everything you need to organise an ice skating event. All safety equipment including barriers, matting and changing benches are provided. You will be supplied as many ice skate boots as you require in all sizes and extras such as PA systems, snow machines and lighting can be organised. Not only this but all ice rink rentals come with full public liability insurance, a team of dedicated staff to oversee your event and also the services of a qualified first aider for any bumps or scrapes. Take a look online at the various companies who specialise in chiller hire and ice rink rental.

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