Effective Management Of Workforce

High absence rate is the common problem encountered by the organization. Although the absences from work might be due to genuine reasons, it will end up getting out of control if they are not managed efficiently. Have you ever wondered why the employee is taking leave from the work often? Mostly there might be a valid reason. However, if you notice an employee is taking leaves excessively and you are finding it hard to believe the employees word for it, it is time to take necessary action. And also, if you find the employee is just not bothered to show up or inform you in advance, an intervention is equally important. You could keep a check on misusing the liberty to take sick leaves by asking them to submit doctors note stating the cause of absence.

But then, the reasons for absenteeism can be varied such as stress, burnout, low morale, job searching, etc. These reasons have to be addressed at the earliest. You could give an opportunity to employees to justify themselves by conducting a one-on-one discussion once they return to work. This discussion should not be considered as a disciplinary one, but more of a fact finding task. You could suggest solutions to the problems they are facing. For example, if stress is a concern, you could reduce the workload or reduce responsibilities.

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