Manage Your Workforce Well

Without any doubt, the work force is one of the most valuable assets of every organization. And, it’s necessary that you take good care of them in order to keep them satisfied. Absenteeism is a major issue that every employer faces almost every day. You expect your employee to meet his targets on time, so that you can deliver your project to your clients without any delay. However, if the employee fails to turn up to the office due to one or the other reason, it really affects the work flow and the productivity. On the other side, you cannot deny leaves to your employees as its there right. However, you should set a strict leave policy in order to make sure that your employees get the eligible leaves and at the same time your work is not disturbed. However, you cannot be really strict with these rules because you never know when your employees would have to go on emergencies or when they fall sick. For sick leaves, make it compulsory to present doctors note before approving the leaves if it’s more than one day.

Make it a rule to apply for casual leaves at least 3 days in advance. So, that you know what exact work force would be present on a particular day and according to the work force, you can assign tasks to your employees. Also, add a provision to encash yearly leaves and plan incentives for employees who take minimum leaves.

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