Windshield Installation Techniques

Auto glass services are very much in demand nowadays. This demand has led to a rise in the cost of auto glass services search as auto glass repair and windshield replacement. Nowadays it is very hard to come across affordable auto glass installation. It has therefore become very important to learn some do it yourself skills. For most people, a small damage to the windshield means that you have to get a completely new one. This is however not the case. Sometimes the damage can be repaired and you can even do it yourself. However, if the damage is serious then it is better if you do a complete replacement. The following are Windshield installation techniques that you can use when you need to replace your windshield. Learning this will eliminate the need to go to a repair shop where you will just end up using a lot of money. It is important to note that if you think the problem is worse it is better to take the car to a repair shop or get a mobile auto replacement to come to your home.

You will need a new windshield glass, a gasket, knife, nylon cord, petroleum jelly and a strong stick.

Disconnect any objects near the windshield such as the mirrors and wipers.

Check the gasket to see if its in a good condition. Change it if it is cracked or damaged. If it is ok, remove it by running a stick under it to break the seal.

Remove the windshield by pushing it from the inside and have someone outside hold it.

Put a gasket on the new windshield and apply the right sealant.

Clean the window frame and remove all dust and rust. Apply some petroleum jelly along the frame and then lower the new windshield onto the frame. After you are through, replace all other parts such as the mirrors and wipers.

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