Some Disadvantages Of Collocating A Web Server

We have seen and heard many times over about the advantages of collocating a web server with a data center. However there are many disadvantages of the same. Here we shall look at some of those disadvantages. To be fair about collocation it is the best possible solution when it comes to hosting your web server, but at the same time prices can be prohibitive. Just to even set-up the server it can cost you more than $2500 easily. You will need to buy the hardware components and the software that will go inside it. Next bit is the cost of setting up the server on the data center rack space. The data center will charge you a one-time non refundable amount for the setting-up. Afterwards you will need to pay for the monthly charges applicable for using the bandwidth, power, security and the general establishment. This is charged to you as a rack space rental amount. A major problem in this is that the rental charges can be fluctuating. Growing prices often can be a problem for businesses that operate on a tight budget. One way to avoid this is by opting for a yearly / extended contract where the prices are fixed.

Some Disadvantages Of Collocating A Web Server by
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