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Moscow: Capital of Russia, has loads to offer you and your senses. Moscow has some beautiful artifacts which had made their way into history and doesn’t really seem to be 309 years old structures!! Red square and the Kremlin are the must see sights. The beautiful domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral are onion shaped and displays beautiful colors and art and culture of the city. Other places to look out for are: Lenin’s and KGB Museums and you can put your shopping bag to rest by shopping at Boulevard Ring or in Pushkin Square

St.Petersburg: If it’s the history you like than this place is definitely for you. The city has age old palaces and fortress to lure you with and the city is formed around a series of canals. You can visit Winter Palace where you will discover the world famous Hermitage collection. Another important date with history is a St. Issac Cathedral.

Pskov & Pechory: Pskov offers you a sneak peak in history as you can find the Trinity Cathedral stands 256 ft tall, one of the tallest buildings in Russia and visible from 30 km away itself. Not to forget The Trinity Cathedral is 903 years old and still standing strong and is a landmark for Russians. A short drive from Pskov will lead you to ministries of Pechory which were founded in 1473 and is a home to 10,000 monks!

Kazan: It’s a city full of temples where you can find great pieces of architecture and the religious side of the Russians. No matter what spiritual inclination is visit all the temples.

The best time to explore Russia is in summers when you find white skies at night and there are lots of festivals and events which take place around that time. There’s loads on a platter when you take tours to Russia. Some of the special ones which one should wait for are: Golden Mask Festival (27th Mar- 15th Apr), The Stars of White Nights (21st May), Summer Season Ballet-Moscow (5th July to 27th Aug), Art November , St. Petersburg Sailing Week and many more.

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