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Obese Nurse Needs Help: The Solution Is HCG Meal Plan and High Protein Foods

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            If you're interested to buy adiphene, you need to read the Adiphene review for your guidance to the right weight loss direction. Speaking of weight loss, HCG diet meal plan is the most preferred one. Here's the example of how HCG meal plan works for the overweight.<br /><br />I'm a nurse working in a reputable hospital, and sadly I am an obese. I am trying to use the HCG meal plan to lose weight because it is very hard for me to serve patients as fast as the others could and speed is really a requirement in my job. I handle the lives of at least fifty patients a day and it is my job to give them the best that I could. <br /><br />As a nurse, I want to nurse them back to their optimum level of functioning but I couldn't do it as much as the others. Aside from that my self esteem is decreasing as well. I have a responsibility towards them and this weight problem is a hindrance. I also feel self conscious at times because people ask me that if I'm a nurse I should be the personification of health, which sadly at this moment I'm not. <br /><br />I asked a resident dietitian if she can help me with my problem. She said that I should try having an HCG meal plan as well as eat high protein foods for strength and less carbohydrates and fats so that the carbohydrates in my body would not turn into sugar which then turn to fats if I don't use it. Now with exercise, specifically yoga, jogging and Pilates, I am trying to implement this meal plan and hopefully I can decrease my weight. <br /><br />It can be little hard for me since I am used to eating high carbohydrate and high fat foods like rice and pizza. And if it does work, I will recommend it to my other friends who have weight problems like me so that we can give the best service to our patients, not only physically or emotionally but holistically as well.<br />
Obese Nurse Needs Help: The Solution Is HCG Meal Plan and High Protein Foods by
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