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How To Get A Brigher Smile Naturally

Looking to keep your teeth pearly white? While you could spend hundreds to get your teeth whitened professionally, there is a cheaper and easier way to get a bright, beautiful smile. By eating certain power foods, you can increase the various vitamins and nutrients needed to strengthen your teeth and make them whiter, according to Josh Jambon who has a degree in nutrition.

Cheese is a great source of calcium which is great for strengthening your jaw as well as your teeth. Not only that, but apparently the waxy nature of cheese can help with removing food particles from your teeth.

The shiitake mushroom is another great food for helping with your smile. They are chock full of vitamin D; in fact, the shiitake mushroom is listed as one of the top 10 foods for those who are looking to get vitamin D into their diet. Vitamin D helps with absorption of calcium as well as with preventing tooth decay and cavities according to a study published by Nutrition Reviews.

Pistachios, like many other nuts, have a boat load of magnesium which is another nutrient that can help with absorption of calcium.

In addition, the reason why pistachio’s are a great choice is due to the fact that they have beta-carotene which helps with minimizing inflammation to the gums, thereby helping to prevent periodontal disease.

Just as it’s important to incorporate some of the foods above for improving the health of your teeth, it’s just as vital to minimize the amount of certain foods that can act as saboteurs. You know some of the obvious choices such as coffee, wine (both red and white as the acidity can weaken the enamel in your teeth), and tomato sauce.
Of course, these foods don’t have to be avoided completely, however try to brush your teeth or use mouthwash after ingesting these foods. If you’re on the go, carry Colgate’s mini-brushes that fit easily into a pocket or purse.

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