The Worst Case Scenario

You may have heard penny auction is a great source of bargain priced products. As such you decided to try your hand out at it and register yourself. You buy a bid pack and start bidding. Guess what, you even win a product too! You pay the final price of the product and the shipping charges and the wait for the product to arrive. You wait and wait and after a few weeks you realize that something is wrong. You frantically try to contact the customer support only to realize that the site has gone out of the face of the Earth. One of the major factors that contribute to the bad reputation of penny auction sites are their lack of credibility and this is a worst case scenario. If you have bids in your account plus the amount that you have already paid for the product, you’re liable for a refund. Since penny auction sites can only be funded using PayPal, you have a 45 day window within which you can ask for the refund of the money. If you have paid using your credit card you can also initiate a chargeback. Legal proceedings can also be initiated but finding the address of the person who registered the website can be a challenge.

The Worst Case Scenario by
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