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Dealing With CPAP Mask Problems

Problems with the CPAP treatment for sleep apnea are usually due to factors that do not concern the treatment itself. One of the recurring complaints that people have about the cpap machine where this treatment is concerned is the fact that they are finding it difficult to feel comfortable when they are wearing the mask. The primary solution for this is to choose a mask which complements the shape of your face. There are a lot of CPAP mask styles and designs that are currently available in the market and you will surely find the right fit for your face. If you are the kind of person who always dislocates a mask when sleeping due to your erratic sleeping patterns and active sleeping behavior, you can choose a full face mask that overs the mouth and the nose. This mask is equipped with a strap which can stretch across the forehead and the cheeks of the person wearing it. These straps keep the mask in place so that even if you move around in your sleep, it will still stay in place. Another problem arises for people who feel claustrophobic while wearing the equipment. For these people, the best option is to wear a small mask with a good fit.

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