Extra Money at Your Fingertips, Literally

In the large world of Blogs, Bloggers and Blogettes, you may have the desire to potentially bring in some extra bucks with your personal blogging. Blogging in this style involves gaining a large following, typically with the hope of attracting advertisers and sponsors.

It does not have to be a difficult decision to make money blogging online.

However maybe you would like to consider Freelance blogging, this blog type takes away your identity as an author. Though not all is lost, you can actually make quite a sum of money writing or rewriting for others. One benefit to being a freelance blogger is that you can advertise your niche and gain regular paying clients, eventually creating a brand or logo to be recognized by.

Life coaching or consulting, has presented itself as a relatively new option. There is actually a surprisingly large market available to those daring enough to assist others with their many problems. Selling E-books seems to be taking off quite nicely in todays online business marketplace, most likely due to the recent proliferation of mobile devices and digital readers. One last route to consider is establishing unique online classes or E-courses, membership sites seem to do well after the initial clientele building stage, again this involves securing advertisers and sponsors as you are your own publicist.

There are still many other ways to make money blogging online your paid pastime, not just what I have mentioned here. If you are interested in being paid for something you actually love to do or if blogging is your talent, maybe you will consider ways to get paid for bogging.

Extra Money at Your Fingertips, Literally by
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