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Weekends: Dont Let These Forty-Eight Hours Become a Mystery

            Ah, the weekend! Time to kick off your shoes, get comfy, and overindulge, right? Well, maybe not. Weekends have been sabotaging diets for as long as there have been diets, but it's not typically the actual food you eat that derails your plan so quickly or effectively. It's how you feel about the food you eat that does the most damage.<br /><br />Think of all the hard work you did during the week: exercising before work, taking your lunch to work, steaming your vegetables, boiling brown rice, grilling your chicken. Then, bam! It's the weekend, and your fi rst stop is a fast-food drive-through on the way home, or you order some pizza, soda, buffalo wings, and dessert to go with your Friday night fright fest. You're tired on Saturday, so you don't work out, and with that extra hour or two to kill, you feel hungry and head out to the doughnut shop or pancake house. Since the day is already blown by noon, you keep going and eat whatever you want, for as long as you want, sleep in on Sunday, and start the same routine all over again.<br /><br />Come Monday, you're feeling down and blue but determined to get back on track. Of course, if you'd just played it cool over the weekend, you'd be cruising along with plenty of positive momentum instead of starting from a sitting position. The worst part is that if you had a healthier, more cheatfriendly attitude going into the weekend, you likely wouldn't have gone as far off the rails in the fi rst place.<br /><br />Remember: a missed workout here and an extra slice of pizza there aren't even cheating when you're conquering the fat-loss code, but we've Flexible Planning for Weekends, Traveling, Holidays, and Time Off 185 been trained by so many so-called diet experts for so long to feel guilty about these little treats that once we indulge, there is nothing left to do but overindulge.<br /><br />Want some advice? Good, because here it is: give yourself a break! Enjoy the weekend, sleep in, work out a little later, eat a little more, and stay up longer, but don't go so completely off the rails that you blow your plan altogether. Stay loose but keep things in check, and just think about how great you'll feel Monday morning when you don't have to start from scratch. I have clients who absolutely know that every weekend they're going to eat their high-carb comfort foods. This is just the way it is for them. So to prevent wasting the beginning of every week playing catch-up, we simply plan ahead. By following the "bookend" philosophy, we make sure they follow two back-to-back carb-down or deplete days on Thursday and Friday.<br /><br />Learn how to lose belly fat with the help of 
Weekends: Dont Let These Forty-Eight Hours Become a Mystery by
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