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How The HCG Program Works And Delivers Results

The HCG diet program works through a few different biological mechanisms. There are various levels of HCG that can be prescribed based upon the way it is administered. Injections, drops or pills all require different concentrations of the hormone to work. Injections generally are given in dosages starting at 125 IUs per day, mixed directly with saline water (or B-12 solution in some cases). Real HCG drops, such as those from are generally taken a few times per day and will start out at 150IUs and go from there. This is generally considered the threshold of effectiveness. Pills or tablets on the other hand, generally are over 250 IUs per day.

Many people are confused about the differences between real HCG and fake products or which method is best. Each choice has its own advantages, but most over the counter products are not going to provide near the level needed to work. Most HCG drops and pellets (or pills) are being sold as homeopathic or hormone-free alternatives. In both cases these are little more than diet supplements repackaged with the HCG abbreviation. It’s important to ensure whatever a new user takes is real. This can be done in a few easy ways, but just checking the label of the product is a good first step. HCG should be listed as an ingredient. Additionally, it should be indicated on the website or in the instructions just how much HCG is in each dosage as well, having to meet the above required minimums in order for it to work.

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