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Best Lift Designs for Use in Water

When trying to lower yourself into water whether it is a large expanse such as a pool or a small area such as a bathtub, it can often be tiring when you don’t have any additional support which makes living with your disability easier.

Pool Lifts

Lifts for your pool come in a range of designs, and are created with the assumption that you have a good amount of space around the pools perimeter. You can purchase portable pool lifts if you want to go swimming at different locations (i.e. places you know don’t have lifts) or you can install a permanent pool lift at your pool side for easy access every time.

A manual pool lift is generally made up of a hydraulic system which uses an air pump to lift and lower you out of the water. The seat is made up of a sturdy sling which can be fully submerged but this type of lift has the disadvantage that it needs a second person to operate it.

An electric pool lift is built safely so that any electrical attachments are waterproof for example the remote control is always made fully submersible. Most well priced pool lifts with electric mechanisms will usually have a sturdier seat with adjustable back and foot rest and can be operated by the user.

Bath Lifts

It goes without saying that bath lifts are built for smaller spaces and are therefore more compact in comparison to pool lifts. Nevertheless, the principle is the same it is created to make it easier for you to get in and out of the water.

Some bath lifts are suitable for transporting to other places. These are usually made up of an inflatable seat which can be easily folded away to take elsewhere. These seats are very comfortable to sit on but don’t offer much stability so are really only suitable for people who have good balance.

Other sturdier bath lifts are a little more permanent and less easy to transport around, but are designed with an easy use remote control, full back and leg support and a range of positions.
Some models are fixed to your bath using suction points which means they are sturdy, and yet don’t ruin the bath or surrounding surfaces. This is a cheaper option than installing a full walk in tub and can prevent many slips or falls as well.

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