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Sam Rodman, owner of “Edison Office Cleaning” in S.W. Florida since 1992 has put together the “Instant Office Cleaning Kit”. The Kit explains how anyone can start or expand their own cleaning business with little or no money! Complete with “ready to use” documents and easy to understand.

Sam’s Instant Office Cleaning Kit describes practical, proven methods. Its purpose is to provide you with the necessary guidance and materials that will help you to obtain your own office cleaning business accounts and the financial gain that comes from doing so.

The service of cleaning offices is here to stay and it really is a recession resistant business. Many people have used the information contained in Sam’s office cleaning business kit to get their own cleaning service started and increase their income.

The business of cleaning offices and maintaining their appearance is a service business like none other. There are few other business where individual customers will pay you hundreds of dollars every month and in many cases, thousands of dollars every month for what amounts to just a few hours of your time and effort.

Can you really earn yourself $30 to$40 dollars an hour or more for cleaning offices? The answer is yes, and Sam explains to you exactly how to get one of these customers for yourself.

Cleaning up is big business! The cleaning industry in general, generates over 35 billion dollars every year in the United States and you can get your share of this growing revenue!

Of all the different types of cleaning services out there, the office cleaning business is the cream of the crop.

The U.S. Department of Commerce reported that over 11 billion dollars was spent last year, specifically on commercial cleaning services and this cleaning service revenue is increasing every year. Office cleaning or so called janitorial service, is a profitable commercial cleaning service.

It is a genuine recession proof service and you now can have the information you need to profit from it. Within a few miles of your home, there are many dollars of monthly office cleaning contracts waiting for you.

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