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Untethered Jailbreak: Why It Is More Preferable Than Its Tethered Counterpart

These days, many iphone users opt to violate Apple’s rule to restrict the use of iphones by limiting downloads to those applications allowed by Apple. Though it may sound unethical to go against Apple’s terms, the thought of using your phone to its fullest can be very enticing. Who can resist the idea of downloading nice applications and interesting games to your phone? And because unlocking your iphone will give you unlimited ability to download the file that you want, this gives additional advantage when using iphone.

Unlocking iphones is otherwise termed as jailbreaking. There are 2 ways of doing it; tethered and untethered. And your choice between the two will matter a lot. When you opt for the tethered type, you need to make sure that you have an internet connection and a reliable PC. This is because you can upload the jailbreaking software online nowadays. But more than that, you will need a computer even after jailbreaking has been successfully done. Whenever you find yourself in a situation wherein you need to reboot your phone, you need to look for a computer to redo the jailbreaking process. You may need to reboot your phone when it dies due to sufficient power after your battery drained. Hence, this can be very inconvenient if you are mobile and can’t hook your phone to any computer device. For this reason, jailbreak untethered is still more preferable than the tethered type.

According to , with the use of an untethered jailbreak, you don’t need to find a computer to make the reboot. Hence, regardless of where you are, you can always process the reboot anytime you want too. However, many iphone users have no other choice but make use of tethered jailbreak. And this is when its untethered counterpart is not yet released to the market.

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