Raid Data Recovery Services Group Surprised Me

I can see how this is going to be an interesting week in general. I had a server fails for us last week, and I was fortunate that it was only being used by some secondary applications. I can’t really tell you what it would have been like if the server was a priority server, but I’m thinking that it would’ve been chaos. At first, I figured I could repair RAID 5 array configurations on my own, as I have quite a bit of experience. But, after taking a deeper look into the system, I discovered that a hard disk drive had failed. I knew immediately because of my experience dealing in some of the technology forms I moderate, that this was a situation that I would not be able to deal with myself. I immediately contacted a company called Raid Data Recovery Services Group, and they ended up helping me out with the problem. The great thing was that they were able to return the data within 48 hours, which kind of surprised me.

I seem to be doing okay at this job, and I’m glad that I got it this early in my career. Because I am not too senior, I believe that I can probably make some mistakes and not get fired immediately. Our company has been able to get through most of the recession pretty much intact, and there haven’t been the kind of layoffs that have been that many companies. This is cool, because I also work under a guy who performs all of the main hardware tasks and has become a good mentor to me. One of the things he has mentioned recently that had me thinking was the fact that I should never try to accomplish physical raid 5 data recovery on my own. He said that the servers are typically too important to just work with on your own, and that I should get help. He is a smart guy, and has managed to work at this job for some time, so I have no choice but to believe in his words.

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