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How Is The Lumbar Associated With A Lower Back Pain?

As you may have noticed, the term “lumbar” comes up whenever lower back pains are discussed. In fact, a lower back pain is also often referred to as a lumbar pain by many. Do you know why?

The lumbar happen to be a set of spinal bones. There are five small bones, situated at the lower back (behind your stomach and abdominal area), that constitute the lumbar zone. These five bones together form the lumbar area. True, the lumbar area is not the end of your spinal chord. However, in most cases, the lower back pain is normally centered around the lumbar area.

So unless you have a lower back pain that is different from the normal ones that most people experience, you probably have a lumbar pain. And you need to provide your lumbar with adequate support and rest to recover from the pain in the longer run.

Using ergonomic furniture and accessories is extremely important to get rid of this pain. Also, if your job or hobby involves sitting for hours together, consider taking frequent breaks – it will help you. Whenever you take a break from your work, also take light exercises – for example, bend forwards and backwards. All of this will help your spine remain flexible and thereby it will stay better protected against lower back pains.

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