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Main Advantages Of iPhone 5 Jailbreak

Jailbreaking a device is not free of risks, but it’s also a process that leads to a variety of advantages. Now that the iPhone 5 has become so popular on the market, let’s see what advantages are born from being willing to jailbreak it.

First on the list is the possibility to start tethering it for free. Wi-Fi tethering hadn’t even been made part of the iOS platform when jailbroken iPhones allowed Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth and USB tethering. However, even nowadays when iOS comes with this tethering option, it is still worth deciding to jailbreak iPhone 5 devices for this reason. That’s because Cydia apps like MyWi and PDANet allow you to take advantage of iPhone 5 tethering without paying any money extra.

I also recommend you to jailbreak iphone 5 devices if you are interested in using FaceTime even over 3G. Moreover, by using those Cydia apps that trick an iPhone 5 into thinking that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network when you are in fact using 3G, you will also be able, to download to your iPhone, apps with sizes higher than 200MB even when a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable. All you will need is an app such as My 3G.

By trying to jailbreak iphone 5 you will also get the chance to customize the phone more than you can by default. It’s true that Apple has done a great job delivering the iPhone 5 with a long list of new possibilities when it comes to the wallpapers you can use, for instance, but the variety of free themes that you can find on Cydia is still appealing. That’s because Apple tends to follow a certain style that’s considered appropriate for all tastes. While that may be enough for some, there are also plenty of people who like their smartphone to show off their hobbies.

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