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Different Types Of Fire Bricks

Fire bricks are basically used to build the interiors of pits, furnaces and ovens. As these bricks are heat resistant, it is quite useful to build hearths in homes and other places. To make the bricks tensile and heat resistant, it is baked in clay and heated in high temperatures so that it has the capability to withstand very high temperatures. Various types of bricks are manufactured for different purposes. Each variety has unique features, qualities and drawbacks. So it is quite necessary to identify the type of brick and its features before installing it for any purpose.

Clay bricks are mostly used to decorate the outer part of the hearths, ovens and furnaces as it has limited capability to withstand high temperatures. Though it is baked in high temperatures, it is susceptible to cracks. Therefore it is seldom used to build the interior parts of ovens. Clay bricks require constant replacements compared to the other types of bricks. It can be found in different sizes and shapes.

Another common variety of fire brick includes the dense and heavy variety which contains silica and alumina. These bricks are tensile and can be used for a variety of purposes. It is quite durable and strong. Heavy bricks are available in different sizes and shapes to build different types of ovens and furnaces. It is used for both commercial and domestic purposes. You can go to the website radiateur770 (which is also known as aller sur le site radiateur770 in French language) to know more about types of fire bricks and its uses.

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