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Promote Your Business Via Twitter

There are hundreds of online social websites available on the internet these days. Some of the popular online websites are Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more.

Twitter is the social micro-blogging service which allows its users to share their views with their friend and relatives. People use these social services to stay in contact with their friends. You can use twitter both for personal and business use.

Twitter was created by 4 people: Noah Glass, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey. It was launched in March 21, 2006. The messages sent through twitter are also known as tweets. Twitter is also described as SMS of the internet.

You can easily promote your business with the help of Twitter. You just need to create your account on this twitter which is free of cost. The second thing you ne3ed is the active internet connection. The third thing you need id the large number of followers. You can buy twitter followers at for free.

Since its launch, it has become one of the ten most visited websites of the internet. Twitter is having its headquarters in San Francisco, United States and other additional servers and offices in Boston, San Antonio and New York City. Twitter has gained popularity more than any other social networking site.

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