A Guide To False Eyelashes

If you were to go on the Internet and type in false eyelashes there would be many different styles and brands that appear for you to choose from all varying in price.

One of the main brands of false eyelashes that you will see is Eylure. Eylure offer many different styles and usually vary between 5 and 7. They offer natural lashes that can be worn day to day as well as volume lashes that are great for nights out and parties. You can also purchase Girls Aloud eyelashes, which are part of the Eylure brand.

Usually on the pack of your false eyelashes or inside there will be a guide on how to apply your lashes, but they can sometimes be a little vague so below are some tips on applying the perfect false eyelashes.

Firstly you want to check that your eyelashes it your eye, if not trim them to size. You then want to apply your glue to the back of the lashes and wait around 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. Then stick the eyelashes as close to your natural eyelashes as possible and press them down with your tweezers. Once your happy with your eyelashes you can add mascara to give them that extra wow factor.

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