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What Are Trans Fats And How They Harm The Health

We all know that ‘which thrills also kills’. This proverb is true when it comes to eating junk food. Human tongue craves for taste only and junk foods provide that taste. What about the health? It is the quintessential question.

Why are those junk foods so tasty? The answer is due to ‘trans fats’. Food experts have described the trans-fats as ‘the ultimate fat which make the foods more crisp, crunchier and creamier’. All these delightful food qualities can be achieved at an affordable cost by the food manufacturers. Trans-fats are much cheaper when compared to the other healthy fats which can give rise to good taste in foods. Thus, trans-fats have become the favorite food ingredient of the manufacturers.

Trans-fats increase the cholesterol levels and thereby lead to heart diseases. Medical experts strongly advocate the public to exercise caution while taking foods containing trans-fats. Federal governments all over the world, have now, imposed regulations on the usage of trans-fats.

Nutritionists suggest having well balanced diet food items which are free of trans-fats. NutriSystem Inc offers customizable dietary foods with 50% discount through their Nutrisystem discount code. Users can verify the sodium content of foods offered by NutriSystem which are compatible with USDA’s recommended daily intake. So eat healthy and live happily!

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