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E-Commerce Websites Made In $10

Yes, you read that right! An e-commerce website in which you can include around 20 products and its description along with images can be made for only $10 rental per month! The subscription needs to be done using discount coupons, which are easily available online.

Web hosts have now started providing ipage coupons to people using which they can make their own e-commerce website. These sites have got a steady and stable server and unlimited bandwidth, which is why they can handle it when too many people log in at the same time. Moreover, the up time provided is higher than 99%, which makes them almost never down. A special section in the website can be included in which a customer can enter their order details, their name, contact number etc. A representative of the site’s number can be provided, who will contact the customer to discuss the rates of the items being sold online. You can also include a toll free number on the site on which customers can call for enquiry. An online chat room can also be incorporated.

This can be done only by using the discount coupon. Once that period is over, the webhost is going to provide you with more options of plans for which you can sign up.

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