The Gift Of Folding Knives For The Outdoorsman

Some of the most useful items to have in the wilderness are folding knives. These act as a compact back up that often has extra features an added blades for greater functionality. In some situations they are easier to use since they are generally smaller than fixed blade knives. They are also easier to pack and store, due to their folding nature. They are safer when they are not being used because the blade is folded into the handle. There are a variety of styles of knives that have special uses from Benchmade knives. There are tactical folders as well as knives especially made for hunters to help with field dressing animals.

Functions and Uses

Those who enjoy outdoor recreation will be impressed with the value of Benchmade folding knives. They are the perfect solution to carry as a back up at all times as the are small enough to fit in any pocket. A belt clip makes them highly accessible as does a belt loop on a pouch. A sharp knife is one of the most useful accessories to have on a camping trip. It provides a crucial function in several situations, from making shavings for starting fires to cutting rope when pitching a tent. No hunter wants to be left in the woods away from camp without a sharp knife for field dressing a deer.

Some Knives to Consider

One knife that anyone would appreciate as a gift is the Benchmade Griptilian. This is a reasonably priced, durable and reliable knife, that has a contoured handle making it comfortable to hold. There are a variety of custom blade style and configurations that will suit anyone. This is an important piece of gear to have, because there is no substitute when a good sharp knife is needed. You can visit an authorized Benchmade retailer like BladeOps to get more info on the Griptilian.

Latest Trends

The Benchmade Osborn is another knife that is pretty popular with those who need quality blades. While it is a little more expensive it has the benefit of a lighter and thinner handle that is still contoured to fit firmly in the hand. This will come in handy for anyone that needs a sharp blade that can be used for utility in a variety of situations. This product will be especially useful to emergency workers and first responders. It can be carried in an easily accessible spot without getting in the way since it can fold. You can visit online Benchmade knife retailer like BladeOps, to learn more about the Osborne.

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