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Limitations Of Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited web hosting, as the name implies, does not refer to the disk space or the bandwidth, as many who have used the facility would attest to this fact. Some hosts give the facility of adding as much content as possible, but do not specify the maximum that can be loaded and they can restrict it any time. The book of rules that these hosts provide does not include specifics relating to the disk space or how much can be used at a given point of time.

The purpose for which you use the disk space is also restricted by the host regulations. You have to read the terms of service to get the exact idea. Reading Ipage Reviews also helps you know more about the limits. The space cannot, for instance, be used as a backup for your home computer. The terms strictly state that the purpose should be related to the website only.

Similarly in case of bandwidth, the host usually advertises unlimited or near unlimited plans. This reflects poorly on the performance. The sites that have a huge visitor base will require unlimited bandwidth, and when your site shares space with such sites, the performance is affected drastically. But, certain features promised by the hosts like the unlimited email aliases are certainly true, but you are certainly limited by the disk space and other related restrictions.

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