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How Do T-Amps Work?

“T-Amps” is a short form of Class-T amplifier. T-amps are audio amplifiers which work similarly to Class-D amps in that they are digital in nature. What exactly is digital? Digital means that there are only two states: Logic 0 and Logic 1. Traditionally audio amps all were analog amps which means that the amplifier power stage delivers an analog voltage which represents the input signal magified by a specific factor. The factory depends on the setting of the amplifier volume control.

Digital audio amps such as class-T amplifiers or Class-D amps simply switch the output voltage between Zero and One. “Zero” in this case means Ground and “One” means the amplifier supply voltage. You may ask how amplifiers can faithfully reproduce sound if they can only switch between two states. Well, following the power stage, there is a lowpass filter. The amplified signal does in fact contain the amplified input signal as a low-frequency component. However, they also contain a large amount of higher-frequency components.

These components are removed by the low-pass filter stage. This digital amplification principle allows digital amps to work very efficiently. The high-frequency spectral components are not actually wasted. They are retained and the energy is merely reflected by the low-pass filter.

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