Tips For Avoiding Shady Locksmiths

Not all locksmiths are cut from the same cloth and in resort towns like Bournemouth, it is important to keep on your toes when hiring someone to help you out with security. Resort areas can often attract an unsavory element looking to capitalize on the misfortune or ignorance of tourists. Knowing and watching out for the warning signs of someone looking to take advantage of you can make the difference.

Location, Location, Location

A major tip for weeding out the good and the bad is to find a locksmith in Bournemouth with a Bournemouth store. Having a store is a major indicator that the locksmith in question is reputable and established. A lot of money goes into opening a store and the locksmith in question will not want to jeopardize that investment by trying to squeeze you. Not all reputable locksmiths have a store though. Many operate just by using a truck with a company name. If they do not have a store, be sure they at least have a truck. If they pull up in a sedan, with drill in hand, nine times out of ten they are there to drill your lock and charge you for replacing it.

The Shell Game

If you do have a lock or deadbolt that does need replaced, be sure that the locksmith in Bournemouth is providing a new, unopened lock from a sealed box. A favorite trick of scam artists is to put in a new lock that they have a key to. Then later on, after you have gone out for a fun night in Bournemouth, they return and enter your premises.

Ask Around

A bad reputation is a hard thing to escape. If someone is well-known for being up to no good, the word will get around. The same is true for people you can trust. Ask trusted friends or people in a position to help. They are sure to point you towards a Bournemouth locksmith who can help you and treat you right.

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