Spring Hair and Makeup Tutorial: Bright and Smokey

Spring is an excellent time to whip out those bright colors. Save the golden, shimmery colors for summer and whip out those blues, greens, yellows and pinks! Think flowers in bloom and lush green landscapes.


A smokey eye is a staple in any woman’s eye makeup arsenal. It can be modified to be used in the daytime and intensified for clubbing or big events. Ignore the voice in your head that insists on always using black or brown for smokey eye looks. In this tutorial, well be using those beautiful green eyeshadows.

1. Prep your face with a foundation primer. This ensures that your foundation will stay put throughout the day. The warmer season may not leave you drenched in sweat, but if you’re the type to work outdoors, its always a safe bet to wear a primer. Those with oily skin consider this step an essential part of their makeup routine to prevent their foundation from sliding off the face.

2. Apply your foundation. Most people use medium-heavy coverage foundations during fall and winter. Spring is more forgiving, so you can try a lighter foundation instead. BB creams and tinted moisturizers are excellent options if you don’t have a lot of blemishes and beauty marks to cover.

3. Apply an eye primer or cream eyeshadow as a base. Pat it all over the lids and the lower lash line. Use any medium-toned green cream eyeshadow if you don’t want to use a primer. A primer prevents your eyeshadow from creasing and intensifies the color payoff.

4. Take a shimmery green eyeshadow powder and apply that on the inner third of your lid. This will serve as your highlight. Take it all the way down to the tear ducts to brighten up the area.

5. Take a slightly darker shimmery green eyeshadow powder and apply that to the center of the lid until just below the crease.

6. To locate your crease, tilt your head up and observe the shadow right above your lid. That hollow between your mobile lid and your brow bone is your crease. Take a dark green matte eyeshadow and blend that into your crease. Make sure to use an eyeshadow without any light-reflecting particles in it. You want to recess this area, not highlight it. Make sure the outer V of your eye is the darkest part.

7. Take a pencil brush or any flat shader brush and smudge the same dark green eyeshadow on the outer third of your lower lash line. Make sure to connect this to the eyeshadow on your upper lid.

8. Take your favorite black eyeliner and apply it close to the lash line. Wing it out as dramatically as you want, but keep it neat.

9. Apply black eyeliner on your waterline to make your eyes appear slightly smaller. To make your eyes appear bigger, opt for nude or white eyeliner.

10. Apply several coats of mascara or false eyelashes.

11. Apply a light pink or peach toned blush on the apples of your cheeks. Make it a subtle glow.

12. Choose a nude lipstick that’s 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone. Don’t choose a shade that’s too pale; you’ll look like a ghost. You want something subtle and understated so as not to overpower the strong eyeshadow.

13. Apply lip gloss to the center of your lips for an added highlight.


Rock and roll waves are in this season, and its the perfect companion to this sexy smokey eye look. Use rollers 2 inches in diameter and let it set. Release the curls a good half-hour before you’re scheduled to go out to give it time to unravel a little bit. You want it to look slightly messy, but natural. Rock and roll waves should appear effortless, as if you barely took the time to fix your hair before going out to a concert.

Using a curling iron will not produce the same effect, unless you’ve had a bit of experience using this styling tool. Rollers can be easier to use because you don’t always need to use heat, so there’s less room for error.

About the Author:
Michelle James is a hair extensions specialist from Australia. She owns Hairvenly Extensions, an online shop for gorgeous clip in hair extensions. She loves to write about hair care tips, makeup tutorials, and glamorous hairstyles for women. You can follow her on Twitter @Hairvenlyhair for more beauty and hair advice.

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