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Examples Of How Infectious Disease Travel And Proliferate

With the ever evolving planet, along with often traveling nature of many businesses, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that we, as human beings, are experiencing more and more parasites in general. These parasites carried their pathogens with them when they left their origin. Let’s take Africa for example; those pathogens, in turn, colonised native hosts in new environments, just as native pathogens took up residence in the newly-arrived humans. Agriculture and urbanization brought people and animals into even closer contact, made infection and transmission easier than ever. Fully one third of human-parasite relationships are rooted in host-switching events that occurred over the past several million years, when our ancestors expanded into new frontiers. If doctors had existed in those times, they would have remarked on a worrisome surge in the number of emerging infectious diseases.

The present proliferation of EIDs is, therefore, a medical issue only in the most superficial sense. It is more fundamentally an ecological issue, an inevitable and predictable consequence of separated species brought into close contact. The only real difference is one of degree; since human activity accelerates the rate of these introductions, outbreaks now occur more frequently and involve a greater number of host-switching events than ever before.

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