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Steps to Successful Time Management

Time is an important asset that is never in abundance. Every day has a certain locked blocks of time and if wasted, it cannot be renewed or regained. It is crucial to understand that a proper plan for that allotted time in order to be effective and efficient is an important feature worth spending on. There are countless articles and books written on it which can be referred for tips and techniques to preserve this asset.

It may not be important to discuss time by definition, but time management needs that. Most people dont realize the true meaning of it therefore; doing up everyday chores in all days time has the same meaning for them.

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity Wikipedia.

Time Planning:
Effectiveness and efficiency is achieved with proper planning and correct execution of that plan. It is not always important to have a long term approach but planning a step ahead of current position can really assist. Time planning can be planned by following simple and few stepped approach where user is aware of the limitation of present position and next step to follow. There are many steps to successful time management given by various people and sources, following maybe a brief compiled version of the entire perspective.

Steps to Time Management:
Gabe Wahhab from has presented his concept in 5 simple steps that can be followed for effective time planning;
Relax and remain composed
Construct a plan and follow it
Delegate Assignments
Important things first
Play again

First handedly self-control is the starting point to avoid rush hour panic. Planning needs to be done in order to stay calm and to have yourself be organized. Tasks must be divided into tiny do-able chunks for ease in terms of assignments. Bigger and bad jobs must be done with prior to other tasks. And lastly, going through these steps will make it easier to be more proficient the next time planning is required.

An article by Donald Latumahina reduced these five to just three basic steps;
Have a vision
Based on the vision, set priorities
Based on the priorities, throw away all activities which do not fit

Having a vision has a deep meaning. It can be defined as the total strategic plan or idea that needs to be achieved and followed. Having the framework planned, priorities need to be defined for How-To purposes. And lastly execution in the planned orderly manner.

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