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Stock Valuation: A Look At The Global Scene

A staple with regards stock valuation is its aspect that scopes the Foreign Exchange market, also known as the Forex or FX. The FX market is a unique one in that it has three markets in Asia, Europe and the US with at least one of them running 24 hours on weekdays to ensure that currencies are traded. Although all currencies can be traded there are still those which are called major players. These are the most traded currencies in the FX market. Among the bevy of major players in the stocks trading global scene, the US Dollar is still easily the most traded currency with a whopping involvement in almost 90% of all transactions on a daily basis. It has half of the ten most active participants in the FX market. To grasp the impact this currency has on the market, it might help to point out that the second on the list is the Euro. It currently scopes 37% of the daily trades.

The foreign exchange market or Forex is one way by which individuals, banks and companies try to make profit from their stock investments by trading currencies. And just like in Binary Options or Binary Options Trading, you can earn a lot from this type of investment. Hence, it calls for an efficient stock valuation as a minor slip can prove crucial financially. When it comes to the global scene, below are some of the strongest currencies:

British Pound Most of the time matched with the US dollar, the British found is at the FX market’s most traded currencies list by raking in 17% of all daily transactions.

Japanese Yen Also on the list is the Japanese Yen which owns some points over 20% of Forex market daily trades.
Euro interestingly enough the Euro is the currency of a good number of countries which includes the likes of Germany and Spain. Germany houses the bank responsible for most Forex market trades. The Euro is part of almost 37% of all daily FX market trades.

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