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How To Select A Business Centre In China

A Business centre is one of the most popular infrastructural areas in China these days. A number of multinational companies are looking to start their business venture in China, to exploit the growing economy in the domestic market. Most of these companies look for serviced offices to set up their initial ventures. As the person in charge of your company, it is your responsibility to select a suitable business centre.

When you start looking at the numerous options of serviced offices, you must keep a few things in mind. Firstly, the office should be located at a business district of the city. Location wise, it must be conveniently placed to attract more clients.

The next thing that you should remember is that these business centers are given on rent for a flexible time span. You are at liberty to choose to rent it for as long as three months to even a year. Make sure you discuss this with your landlord before signing the contract.

Most serviced offices also include amenities like air conditioning and lighting in the rental charges. Ask your landlord what additional facilities he will provide. Bargain and ask him to allot you a few more important facilities like 24-hour security, etc. Research well and get the best deal.

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