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How To Use HCG, A Natural Hormone, To Lose Weight

            The use of weight loss programs has only increased over time. More and more people struggle with their waist lines, fueled primarily by poor overall results with various popular weight loss treatments, whether those be prescription or fads. However, HCG, a new treatment protocol, has swept through the weight loss community in droves. People are losing more weight with HCG than with any other treatment, and not by a small margin either. As outlined on, and other sites, HCG boosts the metabolic functioning of the body, increasing fat burn and decreasing appetite. On average, a user of HCG will lose 20 to 30 pounds within a single protocol, and follow up regimens offer similar results.<br /><br />There are several ways to take HCG, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Oral HCG will generally be the easiest to find, though there are many retailers out there selling fake homeopathic or hormone-free versions which do not work. As such, people who go the oral route should ensure what they're getting is non-homeopathic, real and actually contains enough HCG to work (a minimum of 125 IUs per day). Injections are another popular option, as they are often prescribed by doctors to patients looking to lose weight. Injections are painful, and must be taken each day. They also are expensive, usually costing $250-1000 per treatment regimen. However, they do have the distinct advantage of delivering HCG directly to the bloodstream. Little is lost in the process, and people quickly receive the dosage they need directly to the hypothalamus area of their brain. Results do appear to be similar on both injections and oral drops, however.
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