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Features Of The Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbell

The reason why many people opt to create a mini gym at their homes is because of the convenience for their workout regimes. Lifestyles have changed considerably. These days a large section of society work longer hours. Their eating habits are shabby and irregular which leads to health issues including obesity. Therefore it is very important to follow a good workout regime be it at the gym or in your home. A few pieces of fitness equipment are great to start each day to workout at least for 30 minutes. To help you workout at home Bowflex Selecttech has a series of adjustable dumbbells and bench series. The weights are foam coated so there is no metal clanking when you drop them on the floor. The bar handles are well textured which provides for a firm grip. The 10-40 pounds can be lifted with bare hands, but over that wearing workout gloves has been recommended by several users just for comfort sake. The adjustable dumbbells don’t leave the floor cluttered like what the traditional dumbbell weights do. They are easily stacked and can be put away under your bed, so the floor is clear of any obstacles that might hamper free movement. The mission of Bowflex is to enrich the lives of their customers through their friendly and understanding customer service.

Features Of The Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbell by
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