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Quick review of BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 tires

The BFGoodrich G-Force sport comp 2 is the new model to replace the company’s very successful original G-Force Sport Ultra High Performance summer tires. Do they live up to the expectations of drivers?

The tires are made from BFGoodrich’s silica-enhanced rubber compound. The company claims that the material gives the tires better grip without loss of treadware. The silica works to prevent wear and tear on the tires but still giving them plenty of gripping power. A quick drive around the track shows that the company knows what is talking about. My GTI equipped with these tires handled excellently going forwards and backwards. The tires have a stiffened wide structure that gave me plenty of assurance with tight corners and breaking. In wet conditions, the tires also performed well. This may be because of the G-hooks built into the grooves of the tire which act as edges to help the tires grip in wet conditions. In wet or dry conditions, I found that the tires gripped well and kept me on the road even at high speeds.

Goodrich touts these tires for rally-style and muscle cars and they can be expensive. Comparing these tires to from supercar tires like Micheline Pilot supersports shows the main disadvantage to the tires: the price. These a full set of 4 tires will often run you over $500, although you can often find manufacturer’s rebates. But if you are looking for good track tires, G-Force sport comp 2 are worth considering.

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