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Tips On Cleaning Silver

Silver is a very versatile metal. Its soft luster adds a touch of elegance to jewelry, dishes and flatware. But silver is a very fragile matter. It is also vulnerable to stains and scratches. We are always concerned about the questions related to how do you clean silver? People mostly go to goldsmiths to get their silver products clean. But cleaning silver is not a tough job. It can be easily cleaned at home.

There are many methods of cleaning silver at home. He silver which is frequently used doesn’t get tarnished very easily. So, you should wash your silver dishes after every use. But it should not be washed along with other utensils because it can cause scratches on your silver items. So, always wash your silver products separately. Wash it with a very light washing detergent. After applying detergent rinse it with water properly and then dry it with a soft cloth. While cleaning silver do not use rubber gloves, as rubber corrodes silver. Always try using a soft towel or soft cotton cloth.

For tarnished silver items we can use mixture of baking soda and water. Just mix a small amount of baking soda with water to form paste. Then apply this paste on your silver and keep it for some time. Then rub that portion with soft cloth in back and forth motion or in straight line. But don’t rub it in circles because that can corrode silver. After applying that paste wash your silver with warm water. After washing, dry your silver with a soft cloth. Another method of cleaning silver is by using toothpaste. Apply toothpaste in the same manner as explained above with soft cloth and rinse t with warm water afterwards.

Apart from washing, packing of silver also plays an important role. Silver should be packed in a dry tissue paper. After following these simple steps, the question that how do you clean silver will not bother you.

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