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Train Using Adjustable Dumbbells

Lifting weights is an integral part and parcel of many typical workouts. For the purpose of weight lifting, dumbbells are generally made use of by people. There are several exercises, which can be done with dumbbells. When you do these exercises, the muscles in your abdomen, limbs and back get toned.

Weighted crunch, leg raise and side bends are typical abdominal workouts used in combination with dumbbells. Presses and pullovers help in taking care of the chest area. Shoulders can be trained by doing shoulder presses and shrugs. Lifts, bends and rows help in toning back muscles while arm curls and lunges can help the arm and leg muscles respectively. From the above, it is easy to see that there are scores of exercises, which can be done with dumbbells. This would also mean that different weights have to be used for the training.

adjustable dumbbells are meant just for that purpose. Just by twisting a simple screw-like mechanism, you can release or add weights to the dumbbells. There is no need to buy many dumbbell sets nor is there a need to mess up your gym with several dumbbells. Instead, one pair of dumbbells with a system to alter the weights between with a wide span proves to be more than enough!

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